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Alex Hedley
Alex Hedley came about after leaving school and sleeping in the back of vans or hanging out in a caravan at an abandoned school with his good old band mates from the band 'Saturday Sun' which you might not have heard of... but you might!
After anything fails in this mortal conundrum you need to scrape yourself back up off the slimy pavement and try to do something else or risk getting washed down the drain by a motorized street cleaner. So that is what this is and it took a two month move to a remote island in Scotland, countless hours of recording, another two months of being unwell and going to hospital along with a lot of other boring mishaps filled with doom to be able to finally create the first EP under this new moniker which is also sort of his name... Add to that a large head-butt to the face resulting in breaking ones nose in ones local pub as a reward for finishing the EP in an unprovoked assault on the nostrils...
The most enjoyable moments over the past year have all been the musical bits that have gone into this first EP; the rest has been OK too.
The EP has been compiled over an autumn, a frozen Scottish winter and sounds like it too, mixed with hopeful waves that will coincide with its spring/summer landing. So it is safe to say that Alex is very much ready for this era; to be released to the people with a hope that they will enjoy this alternative folk rock wash of colours as much as he did painting it for your ears...
He cites Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd as some of his musical favourites... all things which you may hear seeping through the sounds created at the live shows with fast finger picking and orchestral wails...

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 What It Is 03:50 4
2 9:03 Shadow Lake 05:02 4
3 9:09 One Day 04:37 4
4 9:13 No Purity 04:59 4