Cotown Records

Full Album show of July 26, 2020
Album: Escherscapes

Artist's Biography: They were 21 and 23 years old respectively when Ian and Justin Gregory recorded their debut Escherscapes album in their basement home studio in 2014 under the name "Cotown Records" . In the years since, they've focused most of their time and energy recording and producing other artists in the Denver to Colorado Springs music corridor, and have become much in-demand for their studio work as well as gigging/backup playing and collaboration skills. I (the writer John) am pushing them to release one or two of their own singles yet this year; but in the meantime, I know that they would be much encouraged to know that their songs were being listened to -- and hopefully enjoyed! -- on 
About the Album
2014 - Escherscapes by Cotown Records is a concept album featuring 12 songs, in 12 different keys, arranged in ascending order. And as in life sometimes the end is just the beginning. --Ian and Justin Gregory

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