Full Album show of May 23, 2020
Album: ONE

Artist's Biography:
D’AccorD was formed by the frontman Daniel Måge. The love for the progressive rock of the seventies is the inspiration for he and his bandmates. Adding an healthy dose of rock’n’roll and some blues to the mix created the unique D’Accord sound. Their rst self released album brought them nice reviews and a spot at Progfarm in Holland. They have played support for bands like Wishbone Ash, Focus and fellow Norwegians Enslaved and Kvelertak. Both their records and live performances get great reviews. A D’Accord concert is quite simply a vivid and awesome experience of ambitious yet not pretentious progressive rock and roll.
About the Album:
D’Accord – ONE is the remixed re-release of the critically acclaimed rst self release from the Norwegian prog rock band D’Accord. The legendary cult album is now available on streaming services like Spotify for the rst time! The original album is a collectible loved by the fans of the progressive hard rock of the seventies.
"This Is The One" is the focus track of the album.
Release date: 8th May 2020

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