David R Merry

Full Album show of May 7, 2020
Album: Passing Through

Here are some of the cover songs over the years that i have recorded.

Full Album show
of March 15, 2020
Album: G-Force

Completed in 2004, this album was recorded over a ten year period, never intended for release, the song compilation within were only ever meant to be demos for band members to consider for live performance's.

Full Album show of March 14, 2020
Album: Acoustically

Hi all. I was born on an English Army base in Northern Ireland during the conflicts in 1964. My Parents returned to Essex in England shortly after this, which is where I grew up with them and my Sister also. I developed a love for music making at around 5 years old, so keyboards, guitars, harmonica's etc were thankfully gifted to me on most birthdays and Christmas celebrations. By the age of 11ish my Father was teaching me chords on the guitar, and at 14 I formed my first band "Kingston" with a school Friend "Robert Chapman" our album is on here as "The Singles Collection" Im sure?!
Me and Rob recorded and gigged up until he finished art collage, then became employed. During the 6 years of us making music, He was ok with me rehearsing with other bands as his studies took up most of his time. I bounced between East London Psychobilly band; "The Outer Limits" of East Ham, and "The Blue Notes" of Hackney, gigging at blues and Rockabilly clubs, most memorable being the "Juke joint" in Dalston 1983. By the age of 30 Me and my wife had 4 children, so I'd given up on performing, and turned to home recording, whilst also being a stay at home Dad to my children (househusband) I did form a rock band with one of the other dad's from our kids school, and after a year of writing and rehearsing Me and Andy Bristow had chosen the other band members for "Firmament" and arranged a 2 gig deal at the "Standard Music Venue" E17, in Nov 1995.
During 2000-2005 I became a Film & TV Extra

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