Les Paul's (The Paul's)

Full Album show of December 29, 2019
Album: England, Once My England

'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) are the prolifc and dynamic song writing duo of ex-Londoners - singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and actor Paul Odiase, a member of BMI
(bio at  http://www.paullyrics.com/contact/artist-biopaul-odiase) and ex-London police odcer, song lyricist Paul Robert Thomas, a member of the PRS (London) and the International Songwriter’s Association (bio at http://www.paullyrics.com/artist-bio-paul-robert-thomas). They are called 'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) as they are both called ‘Paul’ - ‘The Paul’s or ’Les Paul’s’ in French:)!
They frst started collaborating together in 2014 and released their frst album called ‘Holy Land Revisited’ that year and on 30 July 2018 'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) released their 11th album called ‘An American Landscape - Scared of America Volume Two’ that is available at all good download stores. You can listen to their new album ‘An American Landscape - Scared of America Volume Two’ at http://bit.ly/2LDOkTp & bandcamp at http://bit.ly/2Ao5tMt & Soundcloud at http://bit.ly/2PvgaQS and are nearing completion on their 12th album ‘I’m Not There Britannia’ due for release in December 2019 at http://www.paullyrics.com/album/im-not-there/
Our ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) no-holds-barred new album ‘England, Once My England’ has just released! The album takes a realistic and critical look at contemporary England, a land I once loved but whenever I return there I feel like ‘a-stranger-in-astrange-land’!
You are invited to listen to the album’s songs on my Reverb page or to the entire album via the Soundcloud link at https://bit.ly/2Z1oJbx or/and also on my website at https://bit.ly/35tEN86. ‘The Police are nowhere to be seen / Sitting in an odce watching computer screens / Citizens are robbed, raped or killed / Chances are slim of getting caught by ‘The
Old Bill’ - from the title track and as an ex-London Bobby I have no qualms about saying what’s true!
Please read the lyrics as you listen, Thank you, Paul:)!

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