Lorenzo Gabanizza

Featured Artist of Aug 6, 2020
with the song: Straight to the heart

Artist's Biography:
He was a member of various groups, especially from 1991, where he met Donovan, being enclosed on his staff. He then headed a Queen cover band called Mantras, with which he toured Europe. His "Queen project" continued with his band The Slightly Mad. Gabanizza started a fund-raising program to help fight AIDS that was recognized by the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the organization that was founded soon after Freddie Mercury's death.
In 2004, Gabanizza became a member of the Vic Elmes band Christie Again. He wrote the song "Meet me at the river" that became a success and featured in the album Christie Again all the hits and more.
In 2007, Gabanizza tried a solo career. His first album, Du bist meine welt, was not successful as expected under the management of Garrelt Danker.
In 2013, Gabanizza released an album of Queen covers, featuring his own composition Freddie Still lives, the royalties of which were donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.
In 2016, Gabanizza produced and recorded a self-penned album, Celtic Bridge (Italian way music), a concept album sold well both in Europe and the United States, entering the American download charts top 100. In Germany, Gabanizza was seen as a fresh pop/Celtic rock style singer, and was compared to great artists as U2 or Angelo Branduardi. Gabanizza's version of "Danny Boy" that was featured on the album gained him a place on the list of best Celtic performers in Italy. In July he appeared in front of 12,000 people at the worldwide event Celtica among others such as Vincenzo Zitello, Katia Zunino, and Celkilt.
His latter album, Roses in the sky, received good reviews in Italy and entered the download charts having mentions and airplay from Italy to Texas. The album included, Stefano Guidi, Luca Gabanizza, Beppe Peracchi, vocalist Isabel and Max Gabanizza and credits the Yvor Novello recipient Jeff Christie in an advisory capacity. The band toured with Chuck Berry, Cristiano de André, New Era Mogol and others.
In 2017, he released a single, "Feeding the Waves of War," a protest song against Trump's administration, under the management of John Toso which features on Nobel nominee David Swanson's website.
January 2018, he released a single, "Demons", which enclose a cover of the Linkin Park song "One more light", and donates all the royalties to the 320 change direction, founded by Chester's Bennington widow Talinda Bennington. During summer 2018, he was injured in a terrible traffic accident, which forced him to suspend the works of his album "Out of darkness" which features musicians such as Robby Pellati (Ligabue's drummer), Max Gabanizza (Mauro Pagani's bass player), Luca Marcìas (Antonella Ruggiero's guitar player). The mastering of the album is handled by Grammy recipient and multiplatinum L.A. based engineer Don Tyler, who worked among the others with Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond etc.
February 2019 he get back to work and releases another single "I am wrong" which comes along with a cover of Linkin Park's "The messenger" and reached 69th on the european top 100 indie charts[7]. In June, he released a single "Come Back to me", which features the newyorker musician and producer Craig Levy.
In November of the same year, Lorenzo releases a new single, "Straight to the heart" with the same musicians of the album "Out of darkness" and the Mastering by Don Tyler. The single suddenly entered the European Country charts reaching #1 and the MTV Usa spotify single at #6. The videoclip of the song, directed by Oscar Serio, starring Lorenzo himself and the actress Martina Sacchetti, topped at 6th place on MTV Usa charts.
The 2020 has a strong start aswell for Lorenzo. His Ep, "All the love we never said" suddenly got huge exposure, with Fans from the UK calling on Lorenzo "To head to their shores and perform in well-known venues including the Manchester Academy"

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