Love's Tragedy

Full Album show of April 19, 2019

With infuences that range from Pop to Metal & Funk to Rock and hometowns that span from coast to coast, Love’s Tragedy is nothing short of eclectic.
Haunting and commanding lyrics and vocals, delivered by Colleen Alanna; soar through the melodic and powerful grooves, locked down by the rhythm section of Chad Grant on Bass and David Dicks on Drums; with 􀂦erce solos, and harddriving riffs by Keith White: This combination makes for a sound so unique it is hard to classify. The incredible musicianship in this 4-some is defnitely a force to be reckoned with.
Since what seems to be an explosion onto the Nashville Rock music scene with their frst performance in August 2009, Love’s Tragedy has received nothing but rave reviews! Their 􀂦rst single release “White Noise” was the most requested song on Nashville’s number one rock station’s 102.9 fm's The Local Buzz show the 􀂦rst month it was released! In 2010 their debut EP earned them nominations in all relevant categories, Best Rock Guitarist, Best Rock Bassist, Best Drummer, & Best Female Rock Vocalist as well as a nomination for Best Rock Song for 2010 for "Seeing Red" in Music City Mayhem's annual rock awards. Up against Music City's best rock and metal bands, Love's Tragedy was thrilled to take home 2 out of the 5 categories with Best Rock Drummer and Best Rock Song of the year.
This powerful foursome has had the privilege of playing many shows, in many of Nashville's legendary live music venues, with the best of the best, rock and metal bands Nashville has to offer. The band has played everywhere from major venues like HardRock Cafe, and The Exit/in, to 12th & Porter, The Rutledge, and Mercy Lounge plus many, many others.
Their live shows are explosive and authentic, and their chemistry on stage is electric. Love's Tragedy is defnitely a show you do not want to miss.
After a hiatus, the band is back on the scene and ready to hit stages everywhere! Keep an eye out for a show near you!!

Album:  'Divide & Conquer' (EP) 2010 Rock / Hard Rock

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