Matt and the Zeal

Featured Artist of May 14, 2022
with the song: Take It Slow

Artist's Biography

Matt and the Zeal-

Take It Slow Matt and the Zeal is ready to make his claim to the title of the chillest artist in the Manchester and UK music scene.

Having lived in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Jersey, CI- Matt is now bringing his sunny vibe and hefty groove to Manchester and the UK music scene with his debut single ‘Take it Slow’. The infusion of soul, hip-hop and the sounds of a gospel choir glistening through the mix inevitably leaves you feeling a sense of wholesomeness and happiness. The ever personal lyrics play on the idea that instead of taking it slow getting to know someone rather Matt delivers along with a gospel-like choir the idea of taking it slow getting over someone and there is no need to rush and fake being over someone.

Matt says:
“Take it Slow is not just about the specific situation of getting over a girl but also is a metaphor for any situation we may come across in life... I think we so often in today's society do things because culture, social media and other people's expectations tell us to, and this song is about  being different and happy with your own decisions and emotions.”

Inspired by the likes of Samm Henshaw, Marvin Gaye, Mac Miller, Frank Ocean and more, the soul and gospel-infused sound makes it hard to fight the "chillest vibe" and "sunny sounds" Matt strives to create with his band "the Zeal" who are ready to make a splash in the UK music scene and are already ripping up gigs around Manchester.

Take It Slow is out now-

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