Michael Clarity

Featured Artist of September 6, 2019
with the song: I'm Just a Man

Michael is a singer-songwriter with a cross-genre style combining jazz, blues, folk, rock, and country, giving him a unique sound. His art is sometimes introspective and political, while also rendering touching lyrics about real life.
Michael is originally from Indiana, but moved to Las Vegas after high school, to chase a career in music. He then dabbled in the movie business as an actor, and at one point moved to L.A. He has recorded in Nashville many times, and is a member of ASCAP. Although he lives in Austin, TX, his unique sound comes from many different parts of the country, where he lived, and visited. He is a true artist, painting his portrayal of the world through songs, via his particular viewpoints. Check out his original music on ReverbNation, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, CD Baby, etc..

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