Panagiotis Mademlis (PanMad)

Panagiotis Mademlis - PANMAD (1979-2019)

The development of his personal style is the result of a lifetime of musical work and experience.
He first started at a young age playing the piano on a cheap brand and learning to play the acoustic guitar creating his own tunings. Growing up, always surrounded by dicerent forms of music, he studied music technology and acoustics spreading his musical horizons. After fnding his unique style and sound, releasing records via labels, showcasing his talent in various venues and sharing the stage with bands like Metallica, Mastodon, My Dying Bride, Rotting Christ and Biohazard, his confdence reached the point where he began writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering his personal albums.
T.E.I. – Department of Music Technology & Acoustics – Réthymnon,  Greece
Two albums released through “ΜΒΙ”:
- Rot – Rabid Outbreak Through (2002)
- Rot – pRovOcaTiv (2003)
Pop+Rock (music magazine) February 2003 (Pages 94-98 Interview).
Winner of ΕΜΙ contest (2007) with the band Dirt Spawn Disease and opening act with the same band for Metallica (2007) tour “Sick of the studio” with My Dying Bride and Mastodon (Rockwave Festival-Athens).
Demo of the month English Metal Hammer (2006)
Opening act for bands like Biohazard, Rotting Christ etc.
First personal album (2015) “PANMAD
Second personal album (2017) “Cure & War
Unfortunately we lost Panagiotis to cancer in December 2019. A great loss for his family, friends and fans. But his music will keep his memory alive. May he rest in peace.

Full Album show of February 15, 2020
Album: Cure & War

Album's Genre Rock, Pop, Electro

About the Album Second personal album (2017) “Cure & War”. Music, lyrics and vocals: composed, written, arranged, mixed and mastered by Panagiotis Mademlis (PanMadMusic – PANMAD)

Here is a letter that Panagiotis Mademlis wrote as a candidate to represent San Marino at Eurovision 2018:


I’m contacting you. Below you will fnd a small bio with informations about  my musical background till now and why I’m sending my music to San Marino, Germany, UK and Ireland.
My musical background started with album releases, tv and magazine interviews, reaching the point being chosen to perform live on stage with  Metallica (for their sick of the studio world tour 2007). Unfortunately I was forced to stop building my future after being diagnosed with a gigantic brain tumor in 2010. It took me 5 years to stand on my feet again after a surgery in Sweden and a radiotherapy in Athens.
But it made me only stronger reaching the point helping people that sucer from health issues and being rejected like me once. We are being rejected because the world around us lives behind locked doors. They don’t receive any information what we went/are going through.
Ignoring and avoiding to search for any info, makes them create a wall and leave us behind. A wall made out of ignorance and fear. The song called “Cure & War” has been sent to all 4 countries.
Germany received also 3 more tracks called:
1. U Equal I
2. Television Fame (containing also some German lyrics)
3. Erase The Fear

My goal is not to become famous, but to walk through the Eurovision gate and together with Anna (being deaf and teaching the deafness language in Athens) spread the message that the world must stop being afraid of us. They have to understand that we are alive, full of dreams trying to fulfll them and… yes sometimes even stronger than anyone around us.
It would be more than helpful to writing something about my goal mentioning what I’m trying to do.
Maybe people, alone and in need, could fnd support that could lift them up.

Thank you for your time

Panagiotis Mademlis

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