Partinico Rose

Full Album show of March 6, 2020
Album: Songs for sad and angry people

Partinico Rose are a Sicilian band from Ragusa, led by: Vincenzo Cannizzo - Voice and Guitar, Massimo Russo - Basso, Carlo Schembari- Drums and Synt, Martina Monaca Violoncello. They have been active since 2015, the original line-up saw another bass player who he left the band after only one concert, in 2016, and was replaced by Massimo Russo. All 3 are longtime musicians from the city of Ragusa, coming from other projects such as: The Stark, Carnival Ends, Enfant Terrible etc ...
Their sound mixes an Alternative / Wave rock that recalls the sounds of bands such as Killing joke , Bauhuaus, Nick Drake, etc ... their self-produced debut album is titled: "Songs for sad and angry people" and was released on 06 December 2019.
About the Album A trip of 10 songs that speaks about the didculties of life in this crazy times .The sound is very power and melancholic The press says about this album:" It was a good thing that the crowdfunding campaign launched by Partinico Rose went well, as it allowed the Sicilian band to pack their frst full-length, "Songs for sad and angry people". Yes, because the debut album sounds great and we like it. Anticipated by the single "Slave of time", the disc was released on December 6th and retraces, in the ten tracks of which it is composed, a very valid post-punk approach in its most successful dark-wave version. The Ragusa team composed of Vincenzo Cannizzo (voice and guitar), Carlo Schembari (drums and synth), Massimo Russo (bass) and Martina Monaca (cello) decided to divulge their sound art to melancholy and angry people, now slamming into make impetuous songs like "The revenge" or the aforementioned opener, now evoking the Gothic of Cure memoria with "I'm looking for a job", now cheering with more introspective songs such as "The end of summer" or with "Rehab from you ”, Where a ftting cello adds luster to the already excellent sound. The musical scacolding is undoubtedly noteworthy and brings with it a good workmanship of the arrangements, all complemented by a song that is well gripped between the chords of the songs. The road is the right one.” - Alessandro Tartarino.      — Indie for bunniesa

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