Rule of Young

Featured Artist of October 17, 2019
with the song: Lie Better

Every great story begins with a little bit of magic, and the story of Rule of Young is no different. A doctor and an accountant are not the typical players in today's music landscape. But together, the pop duo is rewriting the rules and following only one, the Rule of Young .
What started out as a creative outlet soon evolved in to a name and sound
recognized on the Cleveland music scene. Shortly after forming in April of 2018, Rule of Young had a collective dream come true when they recorded their first EP with multi-platinum producer and Emmy award winner, Jim Wirt.
Through their time with Jim, the band developed a unique sound using piano, guitar, drums, synth, and split female/male lead vocals. They write dark melodies and profound lyrics while layering authentic instruments over synthetic beats to create a memorable pop edge. Amidst the instrumentation and production is the most authentic and important piece: their vocals. The songs emphasize both of their individual voices, while simultaneously showcasing harmonies full of undeniable chemistry and heart.
In January 2019, the band released their first single, "Surrender" and was greeted with rave reviews and thousands of streams within its first days of release. Since the success of "Surrender", Rule of Young has continued to record with Jim Wirt, and has also begun working with producer 1800-SOS. This four person collaboration has resulted in an evolution of their sound that aspires to set their music apart.

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