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Phillip Foxley
North Wales based UK songwriter/guitarist Phillip Foxley has a long background of musical experience spanning back to the 1970’s where he got his start not only gaining experience live on stage but as an accomplished studio session player as well. With an influence ranging in diversity from David Bowie to Black Sabbath to Mountain along with a number of the Blues greats, he has formed his own signature sound of blues/rock music.

Phillip, after taking a long hiatus, had a re-birth in his creative side in 2011 and spawned him to delve back into his passion of playing guitar. Over the past couple of years he has released a home studio demo EP sampler entitled “One Song Is All You Need..” and confirms his intention to release a professionally recorded debut album early this year. Phillip’s sound has elements of all the greats ranging from Satriani to Clapton to SRV to Buddy Guy to Gary Moore - Watch this space ...
(PST) Artist Song length AM (PST)
2:00 Phillip Foxley Demon Lover ft. vocals by OKTeam 04:12 2:00
2:04 Phillip Foxley I Don't Fit In! (Instrumental) 03:13 2:04
2:07 Phillip Foxley Falling For You! 03:09 2:07
2:10 Phillip Foxley Hey You! (Instrumental) 03:41 2:10
2:14 Phillip Foxley I Don't Want To Go!  03:40 2:14
2:18 Phillip Foxley Indian Summer 03:13 2:18
2:21 Phillip Foxley Promises ft. vocals by 3V3Sound 03:08 2:21
2:24 Phillip Foxley Promises ft. vocals by OKTeam 03:05 2:24
2:27 Phillip Foxley Straight From The Heart 03:07 2:27
We are The Silent Union, a 5 piece indie Rock'N'Roll band from Leicester and Birmingham U.K. Originally formed in 2011 and after a few twists and turns
we ended up with our completed lineup. We are 5 working lads coming together with the same to goal! To make great music that is big on hooks, melodies and tunes.
Influences are: The Verve, Doves, Shed Seven, Suede, Noel Gallagher, Richard Hawley, Gene, Embrace, Longpigs, Exit Calm and Ryan Adams to name a few!
Our Debut EP titled 'Salvation' was released 22nd September 2014 and we are now back in the studio working on our debut album scheduled for release in 2015.
We are a coming together! It just happened! We have all come on very different journeys to get to this point and now we're having it!
“The Silent Union are an alternative rock, indie band from Leicester, whose exquisite songs resonate with emotion and leave a trail of dreamy mist…” (The Manc Review) “Songs of this quality need to be heard, they deserve to shine brightly…” (indiebandland.blogspot.co.uk)
(PST) Artist Song length AM (PST)
2:30 The Silent Union Salvation 03:26 2:30
2:34 The Silent Union Hurricane 04:22 2:34
2:38 The Silent Union Last Patrol 05:00 2:38
2:43 The Silent Union I Can't Feel Alive 04:04 2:43

Loud Mouth.
Original acoustic music that explore love, the wonders of our world and the tinkering of the human mind.
Punky Rock band from Scotland. Various influences include AC/DC, Nirvana, and most Rock or Indie artists.
(PST) Artist Song length AM (PST)
2:47 LoudMouth Little Chancer 04:25 2:47
2:52 LoudMouth Pulls Like Gravity 04:59 2:52
2:57 LoudMouth Secrets and Lies 04:28 2:57