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The Garage Batz / DownFall split LP is basically a mash-up / re-mastering of two (self released) records from last year that you might not have heard. DownFall are the young guns from is quickly gaining fans outside their home in the U.K. The Garage Batz call Jamaica Queens USA home.
AM (PST) Artist Song length
2:00 PM DownFall Raw 04:16
2:04 PM DownFall Sleaze 04:43
2:09 PM DownFall No Tomorrow 03:42

The Sorentinos - Volume 10
“It is in fact our tenth CD and you should turn it up to ten when you play it! So it was a natural really.” Volume 10 is more evidence that music comes when it comes. A year in the planning which in Sorentino terms is at least 5 in dog years that boiled down to12 tightly honed songs.
“This was always meant to be a Pop record. I was gonna record the whole album live to two track like an old Ricky Nelson record, but getting the band together on it proved impossible, so we recorded some in my home studio, some at Prairie Sun in Cotati and recorded some and mixed the whole thing at Dave’s Room in Hollywood.” muses Danny. Proof that much more care and consideration than ever before was bestowed upon Volume 10 was by enlisting Grammy Award winner David Bianco (Tom Petty, Teenage Fanclub, Ozzy) to mix the whole enchilada and being the inaugural project to come out of his newly christened Dave’s Room in North Hollywood which rose from the ashes of the legendary Mama Jo’s studio.
Songs songs it’s all about the songs….. Danny says ” On the whole I would say, this is probably our most accessible album yet, but still filled with all kinds of roots music, blues, country, jazz inflections ...we even have a song that has a cello section in it! Mix them all together and you get a real mess, which is what The Sorentinos have always been! I like to think we mix the mess our own way which gives us our own brand of Pop music.”
A fine mess indeed sprinkled with Danny’s astute talent for finding the humour and the heartache of everyday life through lyric and song. Who else would dare compare gloom and turn it into sunshine on “Ray Davies Day” Jangle all the way. Finding a humourous take on going broke “Money Goes” and grunging and grumbling of impending older age glory of “(It’s Too Late To) Die Young” and “Seventeen”.
Angels and Hell remain major themes with “You’re Going Too” - Already called a tight little package, Volume 10 is a milestone for the band and yet another beginning just starting.
AM (PST) Artist Song length
2:13 PM The Sorentinos Ray Davies Day 03:30
2:16 PM The Sorentinos You Don t Know Me 03:38
2:20 PM The Sorentinos Dudes 03:48
2:24 PM The Sorentinos Money Goes 03:26
2:27 PM The Sorentinos No Other Love 03:35
2:31 PM The Sorentinos Stop Being You 03:34
2:34 PM The Sorentinos You re Goning Too 03:47
2:38 PM The Sorentinos Seventeen 04:28
2:42 PM The Sorentinos Die Young  04:41
2:47 PM The Sorentinos Running Out Of Time 04:40
2:52 PM The Sorentinos I Love Guitars 03:07
2:55 PM The Sorentinos Gone 03:02
2:58 PM The Sorentinos Love And Peace Never Grow Old 02:28