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Disappearer is a Portuguese project of Pedro Coelho Pereira (all instruments) and the Basement Dweller Choir (vocals / vocoder), that has been active since 2012 (but making music separately, roughly since 2008).
The latest release - and self-titled record - is a sonic diverse album that sounds somewhat like shoegaze / post-punk meets stoner / doom metal or post-rock meets black metal atmospherics. Although it reminds some people of a lot of stuff they like (or hate), at the same time it ends up not reminding them of any other specific act.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Disappearer Forget Me Pills 04:43
2:05 Disappearer Dog From Hell 04:20
2:09 Disappearer Goodnight Mr. Frankenstein 04:08
2:13 Disappearer Psycho Jane 05:01
2:18 Disappearer Blue 03:43
2:22 Disappearer Stuck In A Loop 04:24
2:26 Disappearer Garrote Vil 02:54
2:29 Disappearer Metal Heart 04:56