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Mad Andersons
Nolan and Catherine Anderson are an acoustic expansion duo from the Greater Seattle area. Nolan has been a fixture on the Seattle music scene for many years, playing everything from punk to blues to country rock. Catherine
was a classical concert artist for most of her career. This melding of genres results in the uniquely lyrical sound that is the Mad Andersons.

Contemporary art songs. A breath of fresh air for the
musical soul. "Light Through Glass" is the debut album of Mad Andersons, an acoustic expansion duo from Seattle.

AM (PST) Artist Song length
2:00 PM Mad Andersons Whistling In The Dark  03:43
2:04 PM Mad Andersons Katrinka 02:48
2:06 PM Mad Andersons Light Through Glass 03:45
2:10 PM Mad Andersons House of Mirrors 03:48
2:14 PM Mad Andersons Lines in the Mirror 03:21
2:17 PM Mad Andersons Let It Go 03:30
2:21 PM Mad Andersons Dream 03:47
2:25 PM Mad Andersons This Time Around 02:46
2:27 PM Mad Andersons My Daughter s Eyes 02:53
2:30 PM Mad Andersons Crowded Rooms 04:28