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Static In Verona
Chicago musician Rob Merz has been writing and recording music for over 18 years as a member of various Chicago bands. Now he's out on his own in Static In Verona and doing everything himself. The music is a collection of atmospheric indie pop songs with subtle experimental and electronic undertones.
Since the 2009 release of the debut album, "Be Quiet As You Leave", Merz has found additional influence in various music, such as 1990's Shoegaze, Nugget's garage rock and even classical music and jazz. All of this has permeated into the new songs on the follow-up album, "Everything You Knew Before You Knew Everything". 
"Caught my ear right off the bat. Pop music with a nice little twist." - WXRT radio host Richard Milne
"Static In Verona's Rob Merz is so adept at creating sonic landscapes with layered vocals and sounds, it's virturally impossible to believe this is the work of one musician.." - Broken-Hearted Toy blog "Nothing short of pop genius." - A Curious Monogram blog

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Static In Verona Bitter Branches 03:32
2:03 Static In Verona Rosemary (Bury Me) 03:56
2:07 Static In Verona White Knuckles 05:04
2:12 Static In Verona Roman Candle 03:16
2:15 Static In Verona Black Windows 03:52
2:19 Static In Verona Friendly Fires 03:54
2:23 Static In Verona Something ... Anything 03:42
2:27 Static In Verona Blindfold 03:33
2:30 Static In Verona Look Like Gold 03:17
2:34 Static In Verona Trembling Timbre 02:40
2:36 Static In Verona Loud Night/Quiet Morning 04:26
2:41 Static In Verona False Dawn 03:31