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Kostas Mitsas is a nominee in the best rock artist category for the song "Lonely Heart "in the 2013 indie music channel awards. He is a talented singer/songwriter that has been writing songs for at least two decades. Born in Melbourne Australia in September of 1967 he is a Greek-Australian that is fluent in both Greek and English and writes great songs in many genres in both languages. He has many performances on Greek live stages and is a great singer. Many of his songs have been played on Greek radio stations and Greek television.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Kostas Mitsas Angels Singing 04:10
2:04 Kostas Mitsas Crazy 04:22
2:08 Kostas Mitsas Hold on 03:20
2:12 Kostas Mitsas Lonely Heart 05:13
2:17 Kostas Mitsas Love is a face 03:07
2:20 Kostas Mitsas Love me now 03:53
2:24 Kostas Mitsas Please Stay 03:05
2:27 Kostas Mitsas Shoot me or love me 04:00
2:31 Kostas Mitsas You rock my world 02:58
2:34 Kostas Mitsas Your alone 02:59