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Crook It Nail 
bring you a bending blend of rock sound from the midwest. Crook It Nail bring the up beat drummin and plug in some juicy guitar riffs and some amazing solo you have the energetic sound of Crook It Nail. So crank up the sound and get hook. Our infiences is Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray, B.B. King and Van Halen
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(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Crook It Nail Lets Rock 03:13
2:03 Crook It Nail Rockin U 03:17
2:07 Crook It Nail Full Moon 03:52
2:10 Crook It Nail Over the Hill 03:23
2:14 Crook It Nail Slim Jim 03:07
2:17 Crook It Nail Midnight Oil 03:15
2:20 Crook It Nail Stormy 03:28
2:24 Crook It Nail Ready Set Go 03:00