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Emily Forst 
takes her place on the blue-eyed soul stage with self-made 2012 debut album, Here We Go. After a bitter breakup, the sultry songwriter recorded her debut album at NYC’s legendary Avatar Studios. The ten track album of masterful craft, musicianship, and deeply emotive vocals has drawn comparisons in the industry from Fiona Apple to Bonnie Raitt. Although all audiences will take something away from the universal themes of the album (heartbreak, loss, and eventual hope), audiophiles searching for fresh chord progressions, high levels of musicianship and polished yet genuine production, will find her music particularly rewarding. These songs, with catchy hooks and lyrics that matter, will stay with you long after the music has finished playing.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Emily Forst Everywhere Is Home  03:41
2:03 Emily Forst Here We Go 01:59
2:05 Emily Forst Fall Awake 03:02
2:08 Emily Forst Thomas 03:02
2:12 Emily Forst When It s Over 02:37
2:14 Emily Forst Song I Never Wrote 03:17
2:17 Emily Forst Sonic Boom 02:55
2:20 Emily Forst Saltwater Love 03:23
2:24 Emily Forst Box of Lies 05:13
2:29 Emily Forst Run to You 02:22