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Harvest Mill
Hailing from Millington, TN, Harvest Mill is “bursting out of the starting gate” as one of the newest bands with dynamic charisma. Capturing the emotion of listeners with their blend of soulful rock-infused melodies, heavy guitar riffs, killer drum lines and sincere lyrics, they identify their music as “urban alternative/hard rock.” Their music may groove like rock;  however, it still gives followers a beat they can bob their heads to. Music for Harvest Mill is like medicine; a means to express even the darkest thoughts in a constructive manner. The band uses their harmonies as an outlet to let out their struggles in life; while being energetic on stage and addressing issues sometimes people may not want to talk about.
Comprised of five passionate musicians, Harvest Mill doesn’t cater to any genre, but coexist together poised to make their mark while breaking molds with their innovativeness and straightforward lyrics.
Members: Jerroll "J. Chris" Christopher (Vocals) - Chris Payne (Guitar) - Dustin Allen (Bass) - Gary Dacus Jr. (Drums) - Shawn Fitzgerald (Guitar)
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(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Harvest Mill Trust N Lust 04:47
2:05 Harvest Mill Blown Away 04:08
2:09 Harvest Mill Get Some 03:29
2:12 Harvest Mill My Mistakes 04:52
2:17 Harvest Mill Psycho 02:55