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Here it is ! The 2014 offering from LOOSEHOUNDS “ Privilege of Pleasure” recorded at Upthelane studios , Monmouth and produced by Ron Rogers of T’Pau fame with mastering assistance from KK Downing of Judas Priest.
have been plying their trade for 15 years gaining experience and mastering their art on the way. This is the fourth album and a musical progression is evident as the line-up changes over the years. The musical style and originality of founding members Mark Haywood and Richard Doug-Jones is evident throughout and with the latest release they benefit from the input of Jon Storey and Bruce Drummond on guitars with Richard Jones on Bass.. The songs are lyrical and melodic with strong vocal harmonies which carries the LOOSEHOUNDS appeal cross the age barriers as can be seen at the “barn storming” live performances.
Bob Harris - BBC Radio 2 Steve Lamacq - BBC Radio 6 Johnnie Walker - BBC Radio 2 Bob Patterson - GLR Radio Br’kthrough
Radio - New York Radio BRFM , Lonely Oak Radio.

AM (PST) Artist Song length
2:01 PM Loosehounds Into the fire 03:08
2:04 PM Loosehounds Beautiful mind 03:31
2:08 PM Loosehounds Dont give a monkey a gun 03:30
2:12 PM Loosehounds Make it happen 03:41
2:15 PM Loosehounds Show you something 03:05
2:18 PM Loosehounds Put your gun down 04:31
2:23 PM Loosehounds Not giving up 03:18
2:26 PM Loosehounds Be your guy 03:08
2:29 PM Loosehounds Mamma 03:18
2:33 PM Loosehounds Valium 03:50