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Michael Reynolds is a Singer Song Writer from the Mid-West, Bowling Green, Mo. He won a Radio contest with his song Rain. He does a single act through out the local area and ran across Raphael Slagg. They sat down in the Blind Fret studio shortly after that first meeting and decided to do an album of songs that Michael had written and also a few new ones he was working on. The 11 song Mileage album are songs with a wide range of genre's that grew out of playing and composing sessions between Michael & Raphael. The Album started with the Acoustic Ballad "Silver Horses" and each week was another surprise with a new song and composition. Michael's song "Rain" that had won him the Radio Award was the song that brought him and producer/engineer Raphael Slagg together for this entire project. We hope that you enjoy the collection of songs that have come together with an honest approach to writing and recording in a modern age of digital. Our intent was to record this album as humanly sounding as possible. Players on the album: Michael Reynolds: Vocals/Guitar, Dave Flieschmann: Bass, Dale Stevens: Drums, Raphael Slagg: Guitars, Vocals,Keys and any other stringed instruments. Produced and Engineered by Raphael SLagg / Blind Fret.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Michael Reynolds Only Thing 04:27
2:05 Michael Reynolds Heavens Gone 03:31
2:08 Michael Reynolds Escape 03:50
2:12 Michael Reynolds Hello 04:35
2:17 Michael Reynolds Pretty Baby 04:36
2:21 Michael Reynolds Friend  03:49
2:25 Michael Reynolds Rain  04:43
2:30 Michael Reynolds Inside 03:26
2:33 Michael Reynolds Red Light 03:25
2:37 Michael Reynolds Your Life  04:11
2:41 Michael Reynolds Silver Horses 03:58