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TWENTY6HUNDRED is a Canadian rock band formed in early 2006 by Michael Atkinson (former front man of popular 90’s bands: ‘Another Fine Mess’ and ‘Sneaky Preacher’).
The quartet completed their third major recording entitled “Electric For All” in September 2014. This 12-song LP was recorded entirely at the bands’ own private studios (GladLand, Orange Mic, Shocker Sound & El Rancho Randillion). Following the release of the new album on CD, and by download at various digital music stores and streaming services including: iTunes, Amazon Music, Rhapsody, Spotify, XBox Music and Sony’s Music Unlimited, the band is looking forward to sharing songs from the new album on stage while continuing to write and record new material for future release.

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 (PST) Artist Song length AM (PST)
2:00 TWENTY6HUNDRED Electric for All 03:08 2:00 PM
2:03 TWENTY6HUNDRED Raw 04:24 2:03 PM
2:07 TWENTY6HUNDRED Down at the Bottom 03:22 2:07 PM
2:11 TWENTY6HUNDRED Restore My Sight 05:01 2:11 PM
2:16 TWENTY6HUNDRED Death Rain Taxes 04:10 2:16 PM
2:20 TWENTY6HUNDRED Crashing Down 04:19 2:20 PM
2:24 TWENTY6HUNDRED Last Try 04:44 2:24 PM
2:29 TWENTY6HUNDRED Out of Time 03:54 2:29 PM
2:33 TWENTY6HUNDRED Sheeple 03:55 2:33 PM
2:37 TWENTY6HUNDRED Petrified 04:16 2:37 PM
2:41 TWENTY6HUNDRED Sometthings Got to Give 02:12 2:41 PM
2:43 TWENTY6HUNDRED Catch Your Fire 05:17 2:43 PM