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Its a bit like a car crash involving members of - E.L.O, Genesis, Human League, Kraftwerk, Motorhead and Yes. With John Shaft and Starsky and Hutch being the first on the scene, with Beck and Air driving the ambulances!

Howdy chums across the hemispheres! Here's a selection of songs, instrumentals, and the odd cover (done for fun) from the musical mind of me! Its me doing practically everything that you hear, apart from if Ive listed anyone else.
In November 2011 I released the debut Cult of Wedge LP sort of thing through my Bandcamp page, you can find the link on here somewhere. Also for your listening pleasure there is a free to download EP that you may fancy a listen to also!

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Cult of the Wedge MOTHER NATURES KIDS 04:18
2:04 Cult of the Wedge 1977 04:06
2:09 Cult of the Wedge Misunderstood Master … 04:53
2:13 Cult of the Wedge On the Green Seventy Seen 05:05
2:19 Cult of the Wedge THE GIRL FROM N.A.S.A. 04:04
2:23 Cult of the Wedge BACK TO THE CAVEMAN 03:02
2:26 Cult of the Wedge HEADS ARE ROLLING 03:30
2:29 Cult of the Wedge GLORY FOR ME 05:04
2:34 Cult of the Wedge Super Duper Sunshine Man 03:53
2:38 Cult of the Wedge THE TROUBLE WITH ARMAGEDDON 03:24