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The Updraft Imperative
Formed in their school days in the country town of Dalby, Queensland, Josh and Murray's friendship spans over 20 years.
In the time during and after high school they both honed and refined their individual and distinct musical styles. In 2009, having both moved to Brisbane, the pair decided to get together to write a selection of songs, encompassing both their unique musical styles and their passion for honest, challenging lyrics. Known simply as 'Updraft', the pair recorded a rough 10 track EP, 'Reflections'. Recording took place in Murray's garage on an old analogue recording desk and an even older, more unreliable free computer - with Murray both recording and playing guitar, bass and drums. Laura (Murray's wife) commented that the resulting demo "sounded much better than it should" due entirely to the low tech facilities available to them at that time. By late 2012, Josh and Murray had been joined by Pete on drums.With the full support of their families, the trio made the brave decision to self fund the professional recording of an album - using some tracks from the earlier demo 'Reflections' in addition to some new tracks written as a three piece.
While recording 'Chair', the band decided their name needed more impact. 'Updraft' was a direct reference to Isaiah 40:31 - '... but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.' To stress the bands shared belief that as Christians, we should always be seeking and working towards something higher, a name that gave a strong reminder of This was agreed. And so, 'The Updraft Imperative' was born. The 10 track album, 'Chair' was recorded over a four week period and produced by James North. The band credit James for both his brilliant recording and production skills, but perhaps more importantly for his understanding of what the trio wanted to convey through the album and his direction in how to achieve this while also reflecting and capturing their unique style. 'Chair' was released in December 2012. With their significant background of support through live performance and leading worship, The Updraft Imperative album tracks were included for airplay on local stations in Australia. In June 2014, the band were offered support in promoting their music in the UK. A whirlwind of airplay, radio interviews and album reviews has ensued, not only on the UK, but worldwide. The storm of media attention happening overseas has stirred further interest back home.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 The Updraft Imperative One Life 03:38
2:03 The Updraft Imperative I Believe 03:38
2:07 The Updraft Imperative All My Life 03:26
2:10 The Updraft Imperative Chair 03:32
2:14 The Updraft Imperative Beautiful 03:42
2:18 The Updraft Imperative Fighting in My Head 03:57
2:22 The Updraft Imperative Y in the Road 03:10
2:25 The Updraft Imperative Why Do I Run 03:43
2:29 The Updraft Imperative Life Without 03:07
2:32 The Updraft Imperative Love That's Real 04:45