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Last Featured on this show August 10, 2015

Hometown: Dundalk
Short Description: "tightly-woven, brilliantly antagonistic alt-rock " - BBC N. Ireland-Across The Line. www.podracer.bandcamp.com
Bio: Angry, noisy, trashy, punchy and irreverent as they possibly could be, Irish three-piece Podracer take the post-punk sounds of the 80's, the subpop sounds of the 90's and different elements of rock, punk and metal, with lyrical subject matter as diverse as prescription drug addiction, organised religion, hoodies and serial killers, to create short, sharp shocks to the system.
They have shared the stage with some of Irelands finest rockers, most recently Kerbdog on their 2015 tour, Little Matador, LaFaro, Giveamanakick, Fighting With Wire and Lo Lite in Amsterdam. Podracer have received many favourable reviews from BBC - Across The Line, Pure M Magazine, Steel Notes Magazine, Fortitude Magazine, GUBIC, LoudStuff.com and AU Magazine.
Their debut album "Parking Cars & Pumping Gas" was released on September 29th 2012.
Current Location: Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland

Alan Anderson - Vocals/Guitar ...more...
Damien Carroll - Bass/Vocals ...more...
Colin Berrill - Drums ...more...

 (PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Podracer Runes  03:07
2:03 Podracer Vulpes  03:00
2:06 Podracer Hammers And A Handgun 03:15
2:10 Podracer Cabin  02:38
2:12 Podracer Twelve Step 02:49
2:15 Podracer Hobby Horse 04:07
2:19 Podracer Pocket Monster 03:09
2:22 Podracer X-Ray 02:52
2:25 Podracer Nothing to Lose 02:15
2:27 Podracer Californian Boys 03:28
2:31 Podracer Easy Singles 02:09
2:33 Podracer Hitchhike Hooker 04:18