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nude party! is a band from Southern Sweden, consisting of five guys and a girl. We like funny animals and loud colours, and sometimes we bring our unicorn (with a silver cloak) on stage. We play pop that makes people happy, but we never perform naked - that is of course just a name. We started playing together a couple of years ago and this is our second EP. We have had gigs in various places in Sweden and are now planning a tour in Germany. Our songs have been reviewed in various international blogs (eg Swedesplease) and played in english radio and american college radio. And of course, we have been played all over the www.
Naiv gladrock från Malmö inspirerad av enhörningar, France Gall och mantlar. Bandet har rötter i såväl indielegenderna the Mustonens som irländska dryckesorkestrar. Låter som om Georg Riedel, Sid Vicious och Mark Mothersbaugh skulle åka finlandsfärjan tillsammans. Typ. Roligare än såhär blir det i alla fall inte med kläderna på!
EP:n "And What Are You Gonna Do About It?" kom ut i november 2011.
EP:n "Ingratitude Is The World's Reward" kom i maj 2013.

(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 nude party! Little Kennedy 03:12
11:03 nude party! Thank you for nothing 04:14
11:07 nude party! Indie 04:02
11:11 nude party! Man that dies 03:13
11:14 nude party! The Mirage 03:36