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Last Featured on this show October 21, 2015

Febria: We met in school and formed a band. We played many gigs around Wales and the UK, and recorded a number of EPs and a full-length live album. We released our fifth recording, 'The Sea Around Us EP' which we are very excited about – we think it’s really good. In fact, all of our music is really good. We try to ensure that every instrument does something interesting, and we hope that the level of detail in the songs rewards the attentive listener, warranting repeated listens. There’s a fair amount of variety in our music: it can be fast, slow, quiet, loud, simple, complicated, acoustic, heavy, instrumental, not instrumental, etc., and we're proud of not fitting any particular category, as a result.
About the EP: Recorded in a secluded cottage in west Wales, the new EP represents an evolution in our sound, while still sounding like Febria. What remains typical of our sound is the eclectic mix of styles: from the Brian-Wilson-does-math-rock of the opening track, to the expansive instrumental closing song, via the acoustic folk of the title track and, uh, whatever the heck Fractals is. Lyrically, in these songs we try to address big themes, such as the nature of reality, physics, cosmology, climate change, and the meaning of life.

(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Febria The End Of Something 04:29
11:04 Febria Fractals 05:11
11:09 Febria The Sea Around Us 04:03
11:13 Febria Study Of An Elm 09:08