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Hey I'm EJK, I am a musician, singer songwriter & recording artist : I play piano, guitar & I sing. I’m of British birth but raised on the Greek Island of Lesvos for 16 years. I am 17 years old now so pretty much all my life. My first album is called "15 Years", my second one which has just been recorded is called “Sweet 16” and has just been released in hard copy . All of the songs are written by me, the lyrics come mostly from my life, experiences & observations. The music is mostly acoustic & rock but generally there is a huge variety.
My second was actually done in my home town of Mytilene in a little studio called Nataraza with Stratis Antiparmakis. From the beggining were: Kai Alex Stöber - Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Voice and a great friend but swears. (Metal) Demos Horn - Percussion, Drums, an amazing musician who has a huge future also. (Jazz) (Both of them a bad influence, swearing and making up rude songs, doing really stupid things but professional and I wouldn't want to work with any other musicians for the world) And then for the second album we had 2 more great musicians joined us: Ben Sullivan – Electric guitarist, amazing soloist, always wearing sun glasses. (Blues) Marina Gounari – Vocalist, the always enthusiastic one, she will do great things. (Pop) And on the second album: Stratis Antiparmakis – Drummer, keyboard player, experimenter (All music)

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(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 EJK Bitter Sweet 03:22
11:03 EJK Take Me Back ‘65 03:34
11:06 EJK Among The Ashes 06:58
11:13 EJK K9 04:36
11:18 EJK Stranger 04:17
11:22 EJK Oceans Hero’s 05:32
11:28 EJK I Don’t Want You Back 04:38
11:32 EJK Lost Souls 03:14
11:36 EJK Dark Keys 03:23
11:39 EJK Last Laugh 03:52