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With her new single “Kiss My Ass,” Los Angeles based country rocker Anjelia Pelay gives us a dose of grit with a healthy side of taking chances to present something edgy and very attention grabbing. The edge in the guitars are reminiscent of the classic Southern rock sound and while a song like this is familiar
among today’s strong females, the grit in the delivery makes this one stand out on its own. Combine that with a nice breakdown near the end of the song and this is not only a solid tune to capture radio’s attention, but it also allows the room for it to become a live favorite that any rowdy crowd
can easily sing or clap along with." -One Stop Country
"Kiss My Ass" the lead single off the new EP is set to be released on the anniversary date of Anjelia's late father's passing: Feb. 1st. He was her muse. The EP features an autobiographical song called "Heart Of Gold" about her father who passed away from cancer not long ago.
The EP "The Heart Decides", was recorded at WAX LTD studios in Los Angeles, CA with producer Brian Blake and features six original songs.
"Pelay is an actress, singer/songwriter, dancer, multi-instrumentalist (she plays piano, auto-harp and banjo on the album)....and a definite one to watch."  -The Daily Country


AM (PST) Artist Song length
11:00 AM Anjelia Pelay Kiss My Ass 03:24
11:03 AM The Nigel Purcell Trio Future Past it seems 03:58
11:07 AM Air Crash Detectives All Out Of Tears 03:56
11:11 AM Citizen Joe Darkest Day 04:02
11:15 AM Damen Samuel The Whisper 03:25
11:18 AM David Locklear The Weekend 02:53
11:21 AM David Locklear Without You 04:08
11:25 AM LOST GENERATION I Don't Have To Die For You 03:36
11:29 AM LOST GENERATION The Only Way 03:28
11:32 AM Nikki Lorenzo Be My Man 03:54
11:36 AM Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow 03:55
11:40 AM Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
11:43 AM Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
11:47 AM Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide 03:47
11:50 AM The Pieces of Mind I Need Someone 04:02
11:54 AM Silent Stranger In My Heart 04:34
11:59 AM World5 A day for lovers 04:22
12:03 PM Machines Dream Colder Rain 05:22
12:09 PM Podracer Hobby Horse 04:07
12:13 PM The Updraft Imperative Fighting in My Head 03:57
12:17 PM Hell s Belles Screaming for Mercy 03:30
12:20 PM Mirro Shine 03:37
12:24 PM The Stricken The Stricken 05:12
12:29 PM Albert Bevia You are the Fool 03:24
12:33 PM House of Not Running With The Crowd 03:56
12:36 PM martin krog One Man Army 03:16
12:40 PM Murnane Tribe My Stripper Girlfriend 03:00
12:43 PM Ricky León My Addict I confess 03:06
12:46 PM Set The Fuse On The Wire 03:41
12:50 PM Stasis Lure Fair Eyes 03:35
12:53 PM The Strawkites Chasing dogs 05:05
12:58 PM T Dawn Upside Down Helter Skelter 05:22
1:04 PM Takumi Tokaji Guitar trio by myself 03:00
1:07 PM Wirehead Der Snatch 03:39
1:10 PM 1one Missin  Head 03:57
1:14 PM Bittersweet Collapse Outcast 03:51
1:18 PM Daemiina Petrichor 04:46
1:23 PM deux furieuses CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS? 03:37
1:26 PM Dodgem-X My Gun Is Bigger Than Your Gun 02:32
1:29 PM The Driftwood Sign Disorder 05:14
1:34 PM Ed Morales Never Enough 04:04
1:38 PM Jay Schraub Hold On 04:01
1:42 PM Jeremy Gluck and Robert Coyne I Don't Need To Know 02:15
1:44 PM Kirsten Allan Hello Goodbye 04:30
1:49 PM Lost in Olympus Free 03:22
1:52 PM Michelle Qureshi Driving All Night 07:20