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Jeff Campbell’s
onstage experiences have taken him to coast to coast countless times and found him sharing stages with John Mayer, members of Counting Crows, The Grateful Dead, and opening for Train. After being crowned winner of Guitar Center's National Singer Songwriter Competition out of over 13,000 entrants, his 2013 EP Release, “In Spite of Everything”, produced by 6x Grammy Winner John Shanks, premiered at #1 on the iTunes rock EPs and singles charts, following a performance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show.
Watch him strap an acoustic guitar on his back, board a public bus with 75 strangers, and traipse his way across the country. Here’s a singer-songwriter who loves nothing more than the sound of his voice reverberating off a music venue’s back walls. Yes, this is Jeff Campbell’s life, and as he’ll readily tell you, it isn’t so much a choice as it’s his calling. “This is just who I am” says the vocalist, impassioned songwriter and lifelong musician who with The Kitchen Sink, has at long last concocted the album that represents him at his core and is willing to do whatever it takes to feel the rush of human connection.
For Campbell, it’s all in the spirit of connectivity: eliminate as many barriers as possible between the writer and the audience. Sure, he knows he could record hundreds of videos on YouTube and pray one goes viral, but that’s not him. Even as his fanbase continues to swell, Campbell craves intimacy and immediacy. “Performing live is absolutely my favorite part of this thing.” Campbell says. “Whether it’s a big stage or a small room, there’s really no better feeling than connecting the music with the audience. When you know they’re with you, it’s the best ever.”
An emotional, evocative poet with a rock lover’s heart, Campbell navigated nearly a decade spent nursing a nine-to-five job before realizing you can only run so long from your true passion. Now, on The Kitchen Sink, he combines his hunger for stellar songcraft, rope-you-in riffs and threading melody into his most profound musical statement yet. It’s an album the soft-spoken singer views as his “…life’s work. So far.” and the passion and commitment to his craft is supremely evident in its cutting clarity.
About the EP All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…
Well, that’s a little silly I suppose. I live out of a suitcase half the year. My bag is always packed. I essentially never even unpack it. I just wear different clothes when I’m home. And I’m always ready to go. Anyway…
altBig week here in my own little world. First on the docket, the new EP, “In Spite of Everything” is almost ready for unveilin’. If you’re new to the newsletter or you’ve missed the updates over the past few months, this is the collection of my songs Produced by 6x Grammy Winning Producer John Shanks. Working with him and the amazing group of musicians he assembled for these sessions was a total honor.

(PST) Artist Song length
12:05 Jeff Campbell Save Me 04:22
12:09 Jeff Campbell Steal Your Car 03:48
12:13 Jeff Campbell History 04:18
12:17 Jeff Campbell Just Call (feat. Megan Slankard) 03:36
12:21 Jeff Campbell Tides 03:41
12:25 Jeff Campbell The Movies 05:04
12:30 Jeff Campbell Fill the Spaces 04:00
12:34 John Cope LOve the way Yaah 04:37
12:38 Barley Station No Breaking Ground 04:28
12:43 Dan McCarthy Crazy Sun 03:36
12:46 Ethan Keller Lost Dog 04:06
12:50 Febria The End Of Something 04:29
12:55 Gashunters In my heart 03:20
12:58 Jeff Campbell Like a Glove 03:53
1:02 Kate McMurry She 03:37
1:06 LOST GENERATION Klaus (Reloaded) 04:44
1:11 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow 03:55
1:14 The Pieces of Mind You Don t Love Me 04:12
1:19 Dan McCarthy Extended Jam Fence Post Man 06:13
1:25 The Pieces of Mind I Need Someone 04:02
1:29 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A) 05:21
1:34 Sonny Hunter Times in Life 03:09
1:37 T Dawn Controlled By Vanity   04:12
1:42 Tom Rhodes Fist Full Of Dollars 03:35
1:45 House of Not Key of G 06:51
1:52 Matt Steady Blackbirds 05:50
1:58 Deborah Magone One World 03:46
2:02 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying 03:01
2:05 John Ludi Frozen in Amber 05:17
2:10 Less Than a Billion People Color fishes 04:51
2:15 Cassette Feel it 03:17
2:18 Burning Astronomers For All The Restless Gentle Souls 02:52
2:21 Less Than a Billion People Herbert and Jody 04:06
2:25 The Sorentinos Fillmore West 03:25
2:28 Peur Hollow Skies 04:15
2:33 Violet Mary All This Time 04:59
2:38 Michael Tiffany New Delhi Sky  04:03
2:42 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
2:45 Alessandro Bagagli Askin' 4 More 05:00
2:50 Nature Airliner Seize the Day 03:08
2:53 Sasser Tomorrow Never Knew 03:30
2:57 The Fisherman Drawing Suns 02:38
2:59 The RedRojo Music Corazón 02:58
3:02 The Rubys Blinded By Science 04:03
3:06 Sasser Carry On 03:00
3:09 Sounds From Wednesday Grey Rain 03:21
3:13 Stolen With the Rain 03:46
3:17 The Sweetwater Hillbillies I Get Pysched About Motorcycles 06:03
3:23 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel 04:16
3:27 The Weird and The Wonderful Super Virtual 03:51
3:31 Alessandro Bagagli Comin'Back 2 U 04:22
3:35 Axle Creek Changing Course 03:31
3:39 Bathurst Station Broken 03:24
3:42 Brett Mitchell Dead-End Lover 05:01
3:47 The Broux Noise 03:32
3:51 ColVane Little Dreamer 07:02