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Savage Playground
A new reckoning force in the Rock and Roll scene, Canadian hard rock band, Savage Playground, was created by brothers Ryley and Josh Hughes. In May 2013, the two brothers decided to venture away from coverband Sonic Nation in order to focus, write and perform their own material. A resurrection of the Hard Rock from the 1970’s and 1980’s but with a more prominent pounding sound, often heavier and harder hitting to viewers listening.
Having influences such as Guns n Roses, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Motley Crue, Crash Diet, etc., they gave an oath to bring back the true show and performance of Hard Rock.
So begins the journey….Ryley and Josh brought from the ground Savage Playground. Bringing on rhythm guitarist, Daniel Martin, and after an extensive search, Connor Miskiman, on bass.
This trio plus one have individually and collectively rocked the stages of Beaumont Blues Fest, Adamstock, Banger In The Hanger and many charities and shows through the Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton. People have come to know them as not only great music but complete entertainment at every live performance.
Rock and Roll lives and breathes in a Savage Playground.

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(PST) Artist Song length
11:42 Savage Playground Infatuation 03:35
11:45 Colonels of Truth Rusty Nails  03:10
11:48 Venture Stay With Me 02:48
11:51 The Boulton Brothers Band When You Say You Love Me 06:20
11:58 Brian The Hat Duckworth May Be 04:15
12:02 Drama Duo after Anglerfish 03:51
12:06 Evan Balzer Jaded Raven 03:06
12:09 Gashunters Soul Sister 03:41
12:13 Jeff Campbell Just Call (feat. Megan Slankard) 03:36
12:16 Jupiter In Velvet Turning Electric 03:55
12:20 LOST GENERATION The Only Way 03:28
12:23 mojomakerz Sahara (Youth Mix) 05:27
12:29 Morgan s Road Stay 04:27
12:33 PanMad Boneyard 03:48
12:37 The Pieces of Mind Night Time Is The Right Time 04:39
12:42 Sonny Hunter Times in Life 03:09
12:45 T Dawn In My Dreams 03:43
12:49 Drama Duo after reign and detain 03:58
12:53 Tom Rhodes Heartland 04:28
12:57 Evan Balzer Mothers and Fathers 04:58
1:02 LOST GENERATION I Don't Have To Die For You 03:36
1:06 mojomakerz Sacred Tree (Youth Mix) 04:57
1:11 Cas Greenfield Time After Time After Time 04:23
1:15 Sonny Hunter You Want Attention 03:40
1:19 Malfunction Changed 02:33
1:21 Michelle Qureshi From 05:07
1:26 The Method All I Want 02:45
1:29 The Strands Feelin" It 03:44
1:33 Color Out By Your Side 04:16
1:37 DRASS Formas 03:00
1:40 mojomakerz Weirdiful You (Youth Mix) 04:23
1:45 Cassette Break Me Out 03:16
1:48 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel 04:16
1:52 Mikey Jahbree Wooley Let's Make a Change! 04:35
1:57 The Matthew Kindness Project On My Way 03:07
2:00 Matt Steady Music 02:40
2:02 Mikey Jahbree Wooley Phone Call Home 04:21
2:07 Ambiance Evolution I Tried 03:11
2:10 Monkh All The Same 03:25
2:13 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow 03:55
2:17 NEW IMAGE Running 04:06
2:21 Peur It Ends Before It starts 04:32
2:26 Se Busca Songs About Alcohol 03:31
2:29 mojomakerz Blue Stars 03:58
2:33 STALE  October  smile 04:03
2:37 Dan McCarthy White Light 03:07
2:41 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying 03:01
2:44 Under the Influence Shake it 02:36
2:46 Barley Station No Breaking Ground 04:28
2:51 Brett Mitchell Dead-End Lover 05:01
2:56 The Broux Noise 03:32
2:59 Dan McCarthy Fly Away - Woke up to a dream 06:19
3:06 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
3:09 Deborah Magone One World 03:46
3:13 John Cope LOve the way Yaah 04:37
3:17 John Ludi Frozen in Amber 05:17
3:23 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A) 05:21
3:28 Less Than a Billion People Color fishes 04:51
3:33 Matt Steady Blackbirds 05:50
3:39 Michael Tiffany New Delhi Sky  04:03
3:49 Less Than a Billion People She goes 03:37
3:52 Peur Hollow Skies 04:15
3:57 The Rubys Blinded By Science 04:03