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Akoustic Odyssey are an Australian, original, instrumental, world fusion musical group. Consisting of guitar, bass, cello, violin, percussion, drums, flute, clarinet and soprano saxophone, this combination creates a rich and truly unique sound. The blend of these original works and the newness of the sound make Akoustic Odyssey true innovators. It has been described that “Akoustic Odyssey are uncatergorisable” (Julia Lester ABC Classic FM) and their music is “crucial evidence of the treasure trove of musical genius we are blessed with in South Australia” (David Jobling, Independent Weekly-2007) They are influenced by so many different musical styles including Rock/Metal, Classical, Jazz, Greek, Spanish, Latin, Middle Eastern, African and Celtic that this in turn makes them truly Australian.
Founded in 2005 by current band members Joshua Tsounis and Anne Harrington, Akoustic Odyssey quickly grew into it's current format of six members. Their first major performance was at the 2006 Adelaide Fringe Festival. It was here that they won the Bank SA people's choice award. In the same year they made their first recording, an EP of six tracks. In 2007 , at the same festival they were nominated for the same award. In 2008 the band's first full length album titled 'ILIOS' was released. The recording and marketing was assisted financially by Arts SA and the launch was sponsored by Ceceres Music.
Shortly after the CD launch, Akoustic Odyssey were invited to perform at the 2009 WOMADelaide festival. This performance was a great success for the band where they played to a very responsive crowd of over 5000. During the same year the band traveled to Canberra to perform at the National Folk Festival. The band receives regular support and airplay on local and national radio stations such as ABC Classic FM and SBS radio.


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9:00 (PST)  Full Album for today   >
(PST) Artist Song
9:51 Akoustic Odyssey Dear Old Henry's Song
9:55 Dan McCarthy My Wish For Peace
9:59 Dubvocaliza GENESIS
10:05 Barley Station Rain When You Go
10:09 Bold Kelly Misspelled Formula
10:14 Febria Some Trail that Leaves the Others
10:19 Gashunters Nobody
10:23 Jupiter In Velvet Turning Electric
10:27 LOST GENERATION I Don't Have To Die For You
10:30 mojomakerz I Am No One
10:41 The Nigel Purcell Trio Flight 19
10:45 PanMad En-hate
10:49 The Pieces of Mind Walking In The Shadow Of Today
10:54 Russell Foisy I See the Light
10:58 T Dawn In My Dreams
11:01 Folkwood Helping Hand
11:05 Sasser Rhyme and Reason
11:09 Remedy For All Nova
11:14 AirCrash Detectives Save Me From Your God
11:19 Audiolepsia Estigma
11:27 DownFall Chin Up 
11:31 Les Paul s (The Paul s) The House of ill Repute
11:36 Razors & Red Flags Mel Gibson
11:41 Red Hot Roosters Better Man(Pop's Song)
11:45 Shadow of Comfort The Lost Ones
11:49 STALE  Slowly
11:54 AirCrash Detectives All Out Of Tears
11:57 Albert Bevia Dreams of You
12:00 BAMIL Love Is Where You Are
12:05 Barley Station Never Leave
12:10 Citizen Joe Stir Me Up
12:14 Colours of Life Thoughts
12:19 From The Balcony Love Song
12:23 Gentlemen of rock and roll Don't feel the same
12:27 Hackmonocut The Ripper
12:32 Hell s Belles Abysinnian Demesne
12:37 The Hourglass Abandoned
12:47 Joanna Weston What Are We Fighting For
12:50 The Leavelles Something Old
12:53 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel
12:58 The Marbles Jackson Now Will Ever Be The Same
1:00 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A)
1:05 Dan McCarthy Tear Drops Fall
1:12 The Muggs Fat City
1:16 Nathan Jon Tillett Celestine
1:24 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
1:28 Dan McCarthy Lost - Help Me to See
1:34 Phillip Foxley On The Fly! (Instrumental)
1:39 Piuma Universoul
1:45 The Quinch Experiment Never Look Back
1:49 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying
1:52 Razors & Red Flags Evil Engineer
1:57 Shadow of Comfort Hope Is On the Move