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Last Featured on this show January 15, 2016

Headlines, the latest EP from Monkh, is a journey through the world today. Just as newspaper headlines grab attention through shock & awe, the tracks on Headlines thrust the listener into the harsh realities of today without the distracting propaganda clutter. Opening with a catchphrase of the homeless, "Hey there man can you spare some change?"... These lyrics echo the voice of the middle class hoping & working for change. Headlines manages to deliver
a positive sound of hope throughout. This is most evident in it's closing track "Everyone Is Beautiful" which serves as a reminder that regardless of struggle, life is still a thing of beauty.
released 02 February 2015
Written and performed by Daniel Monkh Horrell
Featuring Rockwell Knuckles & Aloha Mi'Sho (Track 1) and
Sarah Michelle (Track 6)
Mixed and Engineered by Cory Rose
All Rights owned by Daniel Monkh Horrell and Doorway Studios Inc

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(PST) Song
9:00 I Swear
9:04 Headlines
9:07 Don't Give In
9:11 All The Same
9:15 Baby Child