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Last Featured on this show January 24, 2016

From The Balcony
My music has been described as a sort of country folk rock, sometimes with a pepper of jazz. I'm not really good in labeling things, so… who knows?
Among my earliest influences I remember Bob Dylan’s vinyl records collection owned by my father, a poster of James Dean hanging on his wardrobe and his second-hand dreadnought guitar which I had to handle with great care or was not allowed to touch at all. I learned my first chords on Beatles songs and totally dedicated myself to guitar playing at the age of 14 after hearing Eric Clapton’s Unplugged record. I learned all his solos from this record note by note. After that I was grasping for all kind of interesting music, regardless of gender or era. I guess country folk rock with a pepper of jazz does make sense after all.
From the Balcony was actually the first band I founded in 2004. We split for vague reasons and the songs I wrote at that time, those recorded on Love ‘n’ Other Songs EP, were left in a drawer. I started to write different kind of music and founded a new band, a jazz quartet with a female singer, where I was playing upright bass. For a while I was also playing in a local big band. It was a great experience and I learned a lot, but I guess I’m fonder of a small band sound.
After the quartet had split up I stopped playing music for a while. I dedicated my time to writing and acting in a theatre group. It was not until I met my wife that I picked up my guitar again and started to write music. Those songs that I left in that drawer somehow came back to me and I decided to make an EP and release it digitally.
So if my debut EP Love ‘n’ Other Songs holds selection of old songs, Blank Screen & Razor Blade is completing it with new ones. Instead of making one album I thought it would be better to make two EPs mainly because of the different sound (but be sure I’m not going to label it). It’s a direction I’m heading towards, the view seems fine and the unknown beyond the horizon excites me. I welcome you to walk with me and my new EP.  --- Luka Gluvic (a. k. a. From the Balcony)
My new EP that will be released on vinyl (limited edision) on 1. october and digitally on 4. october Additional info here

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(PST) Song
9:00 Blank screen and razor blade
9:04 Amarena
9:08 Little girl blue
9:11 Down by the river
9:14 I ve got a pretty woman