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Last Featured on this show March 22, 2016

jay alan smith
jay is an indie artist, from the kansas city, missouri area. most of the time he drives a truck, but his real passion is making music, usually with his washburn d46 12 string guitar. In 1980 a seed was planted, that by 1983 had nearly destroyed jay alan smith's life. By 1983 his marriage was over, he was a drunk and a drug user. To make a little extra money he was selling drugs and hiring himself out to anyone that needed, in the words of AC/DC "dirty deeds done dirt cheap". He described himself once as an “unemployed hit-man”. On one bright morning, after a night of drinking alone, jay pointed a rifle at the chest of his best friend and told him he was going to die. jay says, "I remember thinking, 'Do you really want to kill him?' and my next thought was, 'Why not?" jay didn't pull the trigger that morning because there was a man behind him pointing a pistol at jay's head. jay remembers, "He said if you kill him, I will kill you." At this point it became apparent to jay that his life was out of control. this is the back story to the song drinkin' alone, which is track 3 on the album. jay says that he was thinking of the scenr in the movie poltergeist 2 when he wrote the line "there's a spirit in that bottle, just waitin' to get you alone". creepy.
About the Album or EP biker rock by jay alan smith. this is an individual project, with all the tracks being composed, performed and recorded by jay. rock music for people with gasoline in their blood. this is a travelling album, best listened to with the whine of tires, and the roar of an engine in the background, and cranked as loud as the stereo will go. all of these songs are recorded with the 12 string guitar playing the primary role.

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(PST) Name
10:00 what goes up (must come down)
10:02 borderline
10:06 drinkin' alone
10:11 IronHorse
10:17 crossed road
10:21 shadow rider
10:25 j.l.m.
10:27 winner take all
10:32 temptation
10:36 through the mist