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Last Featured on this show March 25, 2016

Realm and Sky
Realm And Sky is sort of the product you get when you leave the 90's punk/rock scene and introduce some classical components. each member brings different music backgrounds and influence, making the sound outcome sometimes difficult to put a label on. so an alternative sound is made.
We really developed a concept when we started writing the music for our EP. It flows with a fantasy story which we are currently working on called A Land of Tall Shadows. When we looked at the songs we wanted to keep them interesting and different as music, independent from the concept side, or you can dive right in and discover all the dimensions that the song covers as it takes on various art forms. Our good friend Paul Bergeron who is very active in the Edmonton Alberta music scene produced our EP and is going to be active in our next project as well. We also had an appearance by our friend Monica who laid down some vocals on Run Around and Shapes And Colours. There was such a positive and creative energy developing this project! This EP is like the first piece to a puzzle and we can't wait to bring more to the table! thanks for listening!

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(PST) Name
10:00 Escaped
10:03 Run Around 
10:06 Crown A New King
10:09 Shapes And Colours
10:13 Puppets And Poets
10:17 Homecoming