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Last Featured on this show March 27, 2016

Foxtrax Indie rock trio, Foxtrax, comprised of: Jon Stenz (drums), Jared Stenz (bass) and Ben Schneid (vocals/guitar), formed at the beginning of 2015 but, don't let the brief length of their time as a group mislead. It is no direct parallel to the band's work ethic or the reception of their music – on the contrary – public interest in their work and live performances, from media and fans alike, has only grown continuously since day one.
Astutely combining an unfettered passion for classic rock with an eclectic songwriting aesthetic that honors the styles of bands like The Strokes, Coldplay, Foster the People and Arcade Fire, Foxtrax are embracing the modern stylization of now, while respecting musical foundations of the past.
Consistently inspired to create, Foxtrax not only turn to playing music but also make it their mission to connect with and inspire others in all aspects of everyday living. They have channeled this intention through their band's philosophy, “Follow Your Foxtrax,”which is meant to encourage everyone to pursue their own ambitions.
About the EP: The Cabin was released on August 28, 2015,
Songs were recorded and co-produced by Reed Black at Vinegar Hill Sound Studio in Brooklyn, NY.  Mastering was done by Matthew Agoglia at Ranch Mastering Studio in Beacon, NY.

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(PST) Name
9:00 Go It Alone
9:03 Underwater
9:07 I'll Be Back For You
9:10 Dark Of The Night
9:14 On The Run