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Last Featured on this show April 18, 2016

Lynn Callihan

Lynn's music has been described as "ear candy for the soul" and has never been between the lines.
The force that drives him can never settle into only one genre . And the spectrum's of sounds he creates is a vast universe of Funk, Folk, Acoustic Blues,Bluegrass, Americana and Jazz.
About the Album: Its Here! Its been a long road ( no pun intended ) and I feel a little like chicken little, but its happening this time "THAT'S RIGHT"
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The Musicians
Lynn Callihan - Guitar,Vocals,Harp and Talking Drum
Rob Scott - Dobro, Banjo and Mando Denny Richards - Bass
Brady Heuser - Dobro, Guitar and Mando
David McElfresh - Fiddle and Mando
Additional Players
Mike Tekulve - Drums ,Steel , and accordion
Credits Recording Howling Wolf Mobile Studio MI, KY & IN
Mix Engineer 1.Mike Tekulve Mix Engineer 2. Benjamin Schummer at CAA Studio
Taylor Mill KY
Produced by Mike Tekulve & Lynn Callihan
Drum tracks created from samples via Loop Loft unless other wise stated All songs written by Lynn Callihan © 2015 BMI www.lynncallihan.net

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(PST) Name
9:00 the Road
9:03 Old Friend
9:07 Blind Man at the Wheel
9:10 Cuz your Love
9:14 Drop of Rain
9:17 Maybe Sumday
9:21 Tell me Why