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Last Featured on this show April 23, 2016

Year of October
Year of October offers a unique brand of Blues and Rock n’ Roll, that hails from Nashville, TN. Recently releasing their new record, Golden Days, in October 2014,
the band brings a heartfelt record to the table. Made up of self-proclaimed book and movie nerds, Phlecia Sullivan (vocals) and Josh Sullivan (guitar/bass), their love of stories are brought to life in their latest release.

Year of October’s songs are written straight from the heart, and become more captivating with every listen. Phlecia’s soulful vocals are brought to life by fuzzed-out guitar and tight drums; making your ears happy and your feet want to move.Year of October reflects influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and The Black Keys, to Norah Jones and The National, all while creating a fresh sound that you will not soon forget.

Year of October released their first album, Stories, in the spring of 2012. The band has been touring the southern region of the United States for the past two years, and has played over 100 shows, winning the hearts an ears of music listeners. Year of October are truly a band that strive to make great records, that not only stick with you, but demand that they be listened to.

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(PST) Name
9:00 Golden Days 
9:03 Riverside Blues 
9:07 You Were Mine 
9:11 Gone
9:14 Kentucky
9:17 Something Gone Wrong 
9:20 I Can't Lie 
9:23 Spell On Me
9:25 Roll On 
9:29 Winter
9:35 Into the Night