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Last Featured on this show May 22, 2016

3 Rivers
3 Rivers is an indie rock band from northern New Hampshire that blends influences of rock, hip hop, folk, blues, jazz, pop, punk, and progressive rock. It consists of Gary Rexford on drums and vocals, Ricci on acoustic classical guitar, bass, and vocals, and Kyle van der Laan on keyboard and vocals. In April of 2015 they released their debut album, River Music, recorded at Mojo Recording Studio in Easton, NH.
3 Rivers started in the spring of 2014, but Kyle, Ricci and Gary have played together off and on for more than 20 years. They were in the band Soul Kitchen in the mid 90s, and Green Fuse in Montana in the early 2000s. Each band member writes songs reflecting his own musical taste, life experience and ethos. Then they work through them till they aren’t Ricci or Kyle or Gary songs, but 3 Rivers songs. They strive to make music that they love, that stirs something deep within them; their goal is to reach people who feel the same way when they listen.
About the Album: "These songs are different. They are a bit eccentric in the delivery, especially the vocal stylings. At first I was curious about the style. I was unsure how to take it, but as the music and I grew familiar, I started to just listen and embrace it for it's unique quality. I would call it raw energy fused with solid musicianship. The album is very good...
There's a lot of personality in the music. I want to believe that it shows up in the music, just how close the three musicians are. They are a solid, tight, band with multidimensions, tastes and musical backgrounds, and they fuse the music into this threepiece skilled, sound machine." Justin Carloni, singer/songwriter of Eastern Sleds

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PST Name length Next Play
9:00 Time For A Change 05:24 13-Jul-16
9:05 Sleep 04:29 13-Jul-16
9:10 This 06:55 13-Jul-16
9:17 Radiation 03:13 13-Jul-16
9:20 Nothing 04:53 13-Jul-16
9:25 Somewhere 05:20 13-Jul-16
9:30 50s 05:23 13-Jul-16
9:36 Hammer 05:29 13-Jul-16
9:41 Monk-ey 07:11 13-Jul-16
9:49 Plumb Line 04:20 13-Jul-16
9:53 Mm Ah 05:42 13-Jul-16
9:59 Mystery 05:20 13-Jul-16
10:04 Once A Day 07:05 13-Jul-16