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Last Featured on this show June 8, 2016

The Tosspints
Saginaw, Michigan is a town rich in industrial and manufacturing history. Unfortunately, the last couple of decades have not as been kind, and the city has seen an increase in unemployment, crime, and blight.
Yet, this is where The Tosspints thrive.
A three-piece flurry of sometimes Celtic-influenced punk, The Tosspints stand tall in a shrinking city, weaving their stories into a tapestry of beer-soaked fury. Through three full-lengths and hundreds of shows, the band has battled for every chord they’ve played—persevering through war, loss, alcoholism, and heartache, all for the chance of redemption and to tell their tales through rock n’ roll.
They sing songs for the outcasts, the lonely, and the beatendown— those scraping and clawing their way through life trying to find just a moment of clarity and peace. Their music is just like the city they hail from: fast and not always pretty, but speaks to the soul and rewards the listener with an understanding and solace they may have never had.
And just like Saginaw, The Tosspints are here to stay.
About the Album or EP The 4th full length studio album from The Tosspints, carries a nautical theme yet still it continues their tradition of writing uptempo, minor chord melodies about their own personal experiences.

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PST Name length NextPlay
9:00 Pirates Life 04:08 29-Sep-16
9:04 Untitled Western 02:56 29-Sep-16
9:07 Marching On 03:37 29-Sep-16
9:10 We Are The Many 03:34 29-Sep-16
9:14 My Last And Only Friend 02:48 29-Sep-16
9:17 Hollow Man 04:38 29-Sep-16
9:22 How Do You Feel 04:09 29-Sep-16
9:26 Sailors Grave 02:21 29-Sep-16
9:28 The Dregs 05:17 29-Sep-16
9:34 The Dregs 15:42 26-Jul-17