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The Corridors are from Tel Aviv /London and were formed by Adi Mosko. During the first years the band played lots of gigs in clubs and small venues expending their crowd of fans and listed as a recommended concert to see in the media.
The Corridors have managed to create their own unique sound and style. Bringing a combination of Chill Out and Electronic sounds, all mixed together with authentic Rock Music. Stirring exciting Rock Tunes, along with great Lyrics, which talk about Relationships, Humanity, Faith, and surviving Modern Day Life. For some of the tracks, local DJ’s made remix versions which gained plays in dance clubs and bars in London. The Corridors played a small tour in the U.K (2007) receiving great response from audiences and critics alike.
In 2009 the band released two singles from their debut album "The Motion of the Wheels":
"Part of You” followed by successful concerts and radio plays". The track stayed more than a month at No.1 in the “Israel Alternative Chart" and more than 10 months No.5 at N1M Charts, Their second single “Chain Reaction” reached the Top10 in the “Our Stage Chart" (becoming a "must" track for fans in gigs), In the International live video clips contest The Corridors achieved over “100 Air-plays” at “Jango Radio” station in the U.S.A.Reaching top 25 on Museboat Radio 2015.
The single: “Autumn Leaves” from the album was mixed by Dave Major in UK, the Album playing on "Classical albums night" A-Z in different shows. 2010 The Corridors produced a special “Unplugged” set as an opening act to Asaf Avidan For their “Sold-Out” concert following the success of the opening show "The Corridors" played several unplugged concert gigs with special guests and artists.
Early in 2013 the band concentrated on playing live with two different shows: A full rock band “Kick Ass” concert (full band) and an acoustic set (piano and cello) playing a selection of new songs and special arrangements of previous Corridors songs.
May 2013 the band produced/played big venue in front of a full house in TLV, The concert recorded mixed and edited into two - part DVD: rock/acoustic, In 2014 legendary Brian Cannon took photos of Adi Mosko.
January 2015 Adi Mosko formed the "Grace Media Music" label, May 2015 "The Corridors" selected as "The Band of the Day" at Midwest Broadcasting Group. "Very unique band indeed. Why unique because their sound is made up of a multitude of instruments and sounds creating something contemporary, alternative and upbeat at the same time. Imagine Inxs crossed with U2 then throw in Placebo Or Smashing Pumpkins, you get one awesome mix. These guys are a real pleasure to listen to. Vocally Fantastic. Lyrically Brilliant and the music is ace"
""One of the most talked-about names in the Rock scene - Walla Music
"There are discoveries that make you simply "lick your fingers"- Here are "THE CORRIDORS" - Mako music "Go and get yourself! -The electro/rock band "THE CORRIDORS" with new Impressive single from their upcoming album. Search them on My-space. There is a lot to expect." – City Mouse-Music "Both new singles by "THE CORRIDORS" are truly great rock songs. +8 " Mariv - singolar review"
"The debut album of the Corridors ("The Motion of the Wheels") was a masterpiece in electronic rock" - (MEH) "The Motion of the Wheels’ album takes you on a musical journey. Each track is different from the last. One song is perfect to chill to, while the next is upbeat and makes you want to dance. The whole album is put together beautifully and we can’t wait to hear what’s next!
Our Days Our Nights - 2015. Following the magical atmosphere that took place during the acoustic concerts The Corridors Recorded a new different album. A surprising acoustic electronics classic album, "Our Days Our Nights" (2015) Pushing the band's musical boundaries and brings different angle of writing Piano & Cello together with deep electronics all creates a mystery atmosphere… Songs about Relationship, Childhood, Humanity, Logging, Competing Lost and Love.
Arrangements producing mixing and mastering by Adi Mosko at "Grace Studio"
The Corridors:
Adi Mosko - Vocals, Guitars, Piano,
Roi Tal - Bass,
Peleg Mor - Drums
Inside The Corridors net:
The Corridors Website
About the Album: End of the Times - 2016. Future album for 2016. 9 strong songs that reflecting our life in the new world.
The first single "End of the Times" reaches No.23 on WNDY Radio chart, A rock electronic album, Stirring strong guitar riffs with electronic sounds and loops,
"When the album writing started we had that strong strange feeling That something going wrong in our daily life rutting, All the changing in the world left us with endless information, With the human will to win and conquer, Left us with "new relationships", Small screens and big gap of disconnection between ourselves - the people."

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PST Name length NextPlay
9:00 Stop The World 03:31 11-Aug-16
9:03 Face Of The Ground 03:05 11-Aug-16
9:06 Delicate Condition 04:11 11-Aug-16
9:11 Just Llike the way she thgout it will be 04:12 11-Aug-16
9:15 End of The Times 03:26 11-Aug-16
9:18 I Have died a thousand times 04:47 11-Aug-16
9:23 Im On Fire 03:50 11-Aug-16
9:27 Empty Holes 03:54 11-Aug-16
9:31 Wild as a River 03:08 11-Aug-16