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Last Featured on this show July 1, 2016

MISTHAVEN is a five members band made up in Campobasso, a little town in the south of Italy.
Their journey started early in 2014 when Eleonora (piano) and Tito (guitar) were talking around music preferences and they wondered why not to start writing music together. Afterwards, Francesca (vocals) joined the group, on Eleonora's call. Friends since childhood, they've already worked together, performing on local events covering Evanescence's songs. Finally, Alessandro A. (bass) and Alessandro I. (drums) joined the band, though the drummer left before everything became official, soon to be replaced by Antonio in 2016. Out of many different musical backgrounds, “Born Among The Ashes” is MISTHAVEN four tracks self produced demo cd, come as result of this first year of hard work, released on March 4th 2015.
On July 1st the band was ready to release a second four tracks little record. “Bleed” is MISTHAVEN acoustic demo, full of classical and gothic influences. The band call itself critical to the local music scene and at least the Italian one, still too close to new different sounds and experiences, which brought them to open their eyes to the overseas music style, counting among their main influences many groups such as Evanescence, Alter Bridge, Halestorm...
After a few radios and magazines appeareances, in December 2015 the band joined the From The Depths Entertainment roaster, ready to start a new adventure.
The EP: Four-tracks self-produced demo.

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9:00 Yesterday 06:22 18-Aug-16
9:03 Won't Look Back 05:01 18-Aug-16
9:06 Light Of A Prayer 04:02 18-Aug-16
9:10 Newborn 04:52 18-Aug-16