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Jim Gaven
Armed with the goal of helping others, Jim Gaven's mission is to write songs that make you think of a good time in your life, make you feel good about yourself, and most of all, put a smile on your face. The upbeat singer/songwriter from Hamilton, NJ wants to make a positive difference in the world and truly believes that music has the ability to do that. Quoted as saying, 'I want to inspire you to do great things as I have been inspired.
The fact that you can create something out of nothing and have it last forever is amazing to me.' This is a true testament to the everlasting impact we can all have on
each other, and Jim hopes to bring that kind of attitude to the forefront through song.
About the Album: This is a collection of the most marketable, catchy songs I've written since graduating from college back in 2006. Most of the songs were written solely by me, the only two co-written are: Believe (co-write with David Lewis, Jr.) and This Ship (co-write with Steve Bow).

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PST Name length Next Play
9:00 Bedtime Lullaby 03:43 7-Nov-16
9:03 Believe 03:50 7-Nov-16
9:07 Falling In 03:55 7-Nov-16
9:11 Forever in Love 02:42 8-Sep-16
9:14 January Fever 03:58 8-Sep-16
9:18 Just Leave Him 02:37 7-Nov-16
9:21 Locket 03:43 7-Nov-16
9:25 Make This Moment Last 04:30 7-Nov-16
9:29 My Life Juice 04:07 8-Sep-16
9:33 New Hope 04:32 7-Nov-16
9:38 Save My Soul 03:24 8-Sep-16
9:41 Show Up 03:22 8-Sep-16
9:45 Something to Hope For 03:58 8-Sep-16
9:49 Sounds like Sarah 04:55 8-Sep-16
9:54 Stay 02:52 7-Nov-16
9:57 Sunset Beach Song 02:42 7-Nov-16
10:00 The Girl Next Door 03:16 8-Sep-16
10:03 This Ship Guitar Lead 02:48 8-Sep-16