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Star Crystal
From Chernivtsi, Ukraine we find uprising female fronted melodic hard rocker band STAR CRYSTAL, who have a fabulous, very catchy ten track CD out now called 'Follow Me' that is well worth checking out. The band are seriously good, tight and their album is full of catchy songs laced with fabulous vocals. The band are Alex Nasyrov - guitar, Jura Manyshev - drums, Ugen Toderash - bass guitar, Susanna Radimovskaya - vocal and Illya Dubchak - keyboard Dubchak.
Ever since her youth music has always been Susanna Radimovskaya's. She felt within herself this talent and decided that she should give it to the people. It all started at school with the school choir, and then Susanna was noticed by her music teacher and he began to inspire her with confidence that she can convey feelings by her own voice. "As fate would have it, I met an ambitious, charming guitarist, with whom I tied my future musical life," says Susanna.
When Susanna and got together, they became like-minded people and started to write music together, but the energy was not the same as it can be in a group. "We began looking for the same people to create a musical family that will be bodily with us. Gradually they began to join our team: the first one was a keyboardist, then was a drummer and by the end was the bassist. So we became one living mechanism connected by its faith and energy in one thing for music," she explains.
The inspiration for Star Crystal has always been the rock music of the 80's, because it’s an example of the style in which the band work. Not surprisingly the bands they like a lot are: Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Mr. Big, Europe, Roxette and a very very long list of bands and artists. Many songs were written on a wave of a huge feeling and love. "When we were writing the songs, first and foremost, we were doing that with heart, and also put our whole soul into them. Some stories of our songs are our experiences and memories that once touched our feelings. We want people, by listening to our songs, will be making a declaration of love, dreaming, dancing, kissing," she smiles.
There are five members in our band who all have different interests outside of music. They all relax together quite often at concerts of other groups. They are interested in listening to the works of other musicians. "We are also very big cinephiles. If the film touch our feelings it means, 'Coming Soon' a new song. Although everyone in the band has their own job and hobbies, this factor helps the band to develop their common dream. "Our guitarist, in addition to guitars that are an integral part of his life, is interested in cars and loves fast driving. Drummer is crazy about cool tattoos, video games, and is a big fan of Star Wars. Keyboardist is an ardent participant in all of the city cycle races. Bassist loves parachute jumping, and travelling. I help sick children coping with their illnesses, not only morally but also financially," explains Susanna.
Each band or artist is individuality and the members of Star Crystal are all different. Star Crystal is an explosive mixture of different characters and temperaments. Four
beautiful talented guys and one charismatic gentle girl, together they define a common goal and go for it together, in spite of all the difficulties and obstacles on the way. "We tried to recreate the character and subtleties of the rock music of the 80s: by our lively riffs, beautiful melodies, charming vocals. We know that connoisseurs of good quality music will appreciate us highly," Susanna smiles.
The new record 'Follow Me' is the bands second album, and they have been working on it for a long time, with rehearsals, recordings in the studio. The concerts were delayed. "Yes of course we still were going and giving several concerts in the country, but the main job was to create an album," says Susanna.
The album includes ten songs and with each work in the studio, the band were falling in love with the newly crafted song. It's an album about songs about love; there is also a song about the relationship of father and son that is good for the soundtrack for the film in genre of drama, melodrama and adventures. "Also, one of the songs expresses our admiration of the United States and its music culture; there is also a song about a very talented actor John Travolta. And the best song each listener should choose by himself because each song is a separate story that is close to him," she explains to me.
The album was recorded in Ukraine, at the bands hometown, at the recording studio "AlexSoundstudio", owned by the bands friend. "The studio is not very well known but the result proved its value," she tells me. Working in the studio took the band whole year. They also produced the record themselves on their own hook. "It is not easy when you need to create music as musician and also should promote the music," says Susanna.
One of the interesting stories that happened with Star Crystal, was a few months ago. The band were driving to a concert in one of the cities. That day, heavy rain, and the road was terrible. "In the middle of the road, one of the machines, that was pulling tools and a part of the group, flew off the road and almost fell in ten meter precipice. We wasted a lot of time to pull it out and continue on our way," says Savanna."We were already late, not to mention the sound check, on the concert. When we were already in the city, our sat navigator showed the wrong way and we had to go in the opposite lane. But it was not the best choice. Because after a few meters we were stopped by the police," she smiles. "They wanted to fine us and take us to the police station. Instead of this we were accompanied by several police cars with serena and brought us to the concert, and we have allocated places for them in the front row of the concert hall. Though with a delay of about an hour, we played a concert with a great success," she laughs.
Star crystal set a high bar for themselves and they are trying to do the best they can. Their main goal is to bring in every heart that people listen to their music and get the same euphoria as he band, and also one day become one legend of rock music. "We have big plans: to tour Europe and the United States, Canada and so on in
support of the album 'Follow Me'. We are preparing for the making one, or perhaps two, video clips for the songs from our album 'Follow Me'. There are also five new songs already, we're preparing for recording them on a recording studio, which will be included in our next album, consisting of 10 or more songs, that is half of the album is ready," concludes Susanna.
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