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Tarzan Grip
Mika – Bass & Vocals
Dom – Vocals & Guitar
Deiss – Drums & Vocals
A Berlin based three piece featuring members from Germany, Sweden and Australia using garnered inspiration from their respective native lands at opposing ends of the planet.
With greatly varied guitar musical influences, their respective histories have molded their tastes and together have combined to create a form of melodic noise all their very own. Their individual pasts include a rhythm section that has played together for several years, whilst the singer/guitarist's previous bands (Subpoena and Internationale) having released several E.Ps and albums, received regular airplay – the latter in particular on a worldwide scale.
All this results in a
Tarzan Grip sound that is ostensibly a bastard love/hate child as the consequence of a nefarious orgy between the likes of Husker Du, The Stooges, Clutch, Danko Jones, Pixies, Swervedriver, The Hives, Radio Birdman and Neko Case.
Thus creating a truly palatable, worldwide sound mixing in distorted guitars with tribalesque rhythms and soaring, melodic vocals, complete with lyrical content ranging from the political to the whimsical; enabling the Tarzan Grip sound to shift from brutality to beauty and back within a heartbeat.
And with all that now comes the birth of their debut, self-produced release, entitled “Members of the Bored”. An E.P. with its main thematic collection of songs being a commentary on the trials and tribulations of the mundanity of everyday, corporate and consumerist self-importance.
Thus heralding the beginning of what will soon be more sounds and commentary to be delivered to the music world.
About the EP: 3 game geeks/developers started an alt/rock band in Berlin. We then decided to record these tunes and low and behold, a self produced E.P is born.....
Hope you enjoy it :)

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PST Name length NextPlay
9:00 Money $hot 03:22 25-Dec-16
9:03 No Money Back Guarantee 02:57 25-Dec-16
9:06 Brown Tongue 02:08 26-Oct-16
9:08 El Buen Diablo 03:42 26-Oct-16
9:12 Anjing Gila 04:40 25-Dec-16