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Half Acre
A Northwest American Rock/Country band. Since 1993 members Smokehouse and Bad Back created the Northwest sound, a unique mix of country and vocal harmonies.
Been waiting on this one for a while and I’m sure glad I did. Half Acre does it again! An amazing mix of country and rock, these guys have been doing it right for 23 years! Everything that Smokehouse and Bad Back do on this record adds up to an A++ From the scorcher “6 String Livin” to the soulful “All I Got”, this album says that Half Acre is back and better than ever!

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PST Name length NextPlay
9:00 2nd Amendment 03:00 31-Oct-16
9:03 6 String Livin' 03:52 31-Oct-16
9:07 All I Got 05:46 31-Oct-16
9:12 Shotgun Shell 04:32 31-Oct-16
9:17 Tramp Stamp 03:40 31-Oct-16