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Joshua's Creed
Joshua's Creed is a recording project based out of Kalispell, MT. One could go drone on like everyone else about how cutting edge, bleeding edge, razor's edge, leading edge or dropped on the head we are. Or one could also tout how great, different.
special, out of the box, revolutionary and what a breath of fresh air we are. The truth is, very few artists, bands and/or musicians are any of the things they claim to be.
Joshua's Creed is different in that respect: You be the judge of the music. Let the listener decide if it's good. We're just making music the way we want to make it regardless of what's popular. One thing that has been said about us: If Iron Maiden and Judas Priest had a love child, it would be Joshua's Creed.

Album: Joshua's Creed (2016) The debut album from Joshua's Creed is full of good Hard Rock that certainly must be on the bleeding edge of something.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Alive 03:54 3
2 9:03 It Is Finished 03:19 3
3 9:07 The Sky Is Falling 03:15 3
4 9:10 Choose 06:24 3
5 9:17 Four Horsemen 04:45 3
6 9:22 Buried In The Womb 04:19 3
7 9:26 Consequences 05:04 3
8 9:31 God Must Be Crazy 03:33 3
9 9:35 House Of Cards 03:51 3
10 9:39 Where Everything Dies 06:35 3